Why A Website Isn’t Enough in 2020

It’s 2020. You need to be using the internet to your advantage – or you just might get left behind.

The internet has crazy, unfathomable levels of potential for business. Faster communication? Awesome. Ability to market to millions of people? Wow. Selling everyday retail items to people across the entire world? Holy cow! Now, we at Lift can’t guarantee you millions of sales automatically but we can certainly guide you in the right direction. I’ll explain how below.

Can You Keep Up?

By 2010, most businesses knew they needed a basic website at the very least. That was the average bar – having a basic website with basic information, nothing crazy. Besides, it’s not like anyone could’ve used MySpace or Facebook for local marketing, right? 

By 2020, having just a basic website is no longer enough. To put it simply, you will be surpassed, outdone, and dunked on by someone who is communicating to their customers more than you. The power of the internet really is crazy. 

What would your business look like if it ranked #1 on Google for most local search results? (We can’t guarantee this with our work alone, but it is achievable together). If I had to guess, it is more likely that your site is ranking 3rd or 4th on the list. And I know exactly why. The #1 top dog is using all of the tools that they have available. Let’s go over what those tools are and how they can help you.

#1. Purposeful websites

A website in 2020 needs to do more than just provide basic information to the customer. It needs to guide, relate to, educate, build trust to, and persuade the customer – possibly all at once. If your website fails to do this while your competitor’s website does, you are disadvantaged from the start. It’s only natural for the customer to go with the business that they can trust, learn from, and feel good about entering a relationship with. That’s what we can help you with. Conveying that trust, authenticity, and industry expertise all within your business website. Without a purposeful website, people will be more naturally inclined and attracted to your competitor who’s got the better site.

#2. Social Media

Social Media is always the first guess people take if they were to take steps toward a bigger online presence. And it’s obvious why it’s such a common guess. Social media these days, especially for businesses, is unavoidable. It is a monster that must be conquered and a beast that must be tamed. 

All of those people on the roads nowadays looking down at their phones while driving – what do you think they’re doing? Social media!!! Whether or not we like it, social media is taking up such a large chunk of people’s time. Meaning your billboard, grocery store pamphlet, or local street sign are getting less attention and becoming less effective. So you now have a choice. Become a presence where your customers are present or be forgotten. Attracting people through social media is a whole realm of strategy that we can help you get into later. But the fact remains that it must be used to your advantage.

#3. Creating content that has value

Businesses in 2020 need to be more than just a point of sale. They need to be a resource and guide to customers. That is done by offering value beyond the product itself. This is done in many ways such videos, how-to’s, consultations, blog posts, or even articles like this one (I hope it’s been of value!). Offering free value is the core component of building your online presence. Write. Things. Down. By doing so, it allows you to prove your expertise in your given craft while creating something that can provide value to customers. It’s quite literally a win-win. For businesses where writing is not as important – take photos or videos. The medium through which you put out value isn’t as important as the value itself (although photos & videos may work better in many cases like social media because of our ever-shrinking attention spans). 

We Can Help You Keep Up
I hope you’ve learned a thing or two from reading this that you can apply to your own business. If you do all of the 3 things above, you will be in way better shape than the majority of your competitors, and you’ll be dunking on them! When it comes down to that new customer comparing businesses to transact with, the business with the better website will win. If you’ve enjoyed this article, reach out to use and we’ll be happy to help you.

Kenny Schultz



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