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We know websites are be complicated and can take a lot of time to get right.

That's why we've created a simple 3 step process to create a website that looks and feels like you, builds your brand and creates loyal customers.

1. Identify Business Goals

Through a series of questions, we'll find out exactly what it is you're looking to do with your website and how we can get there. If it seems outside of our usual scope of work, we'll help you find the right people.

2. Agree to the Project Scope and Schedule

After coming to an agreement on what you're looking for and where you want to go, we'll set up a simple schedule that we'll use during the creation process.

3. Start the Website Design Process

During this phase, development will begin and we'll guide you through a series of questions that help you come up with your target audience, unique features and trust factors that'll make your business stand out from the crowd.

The Lift Website Guarantee


We've made our onboarding process as simple as possible so you can get a site you'll love and learn a few things along the way.

Modern Design

You'll never have to worry about whether or not your site looks good. We ensure all of our sites not only look good but feel good so each user has the best experience possible.

Leading-Edge Tech

We use the latest in the web design industry so that your website loads in an instant and scores high in performance tests, which is great for user experience and SEO.

FAQ's About Our Loma Linda Web Design

How responsive will your team be?

We pride ourselves on our quick responses to requests as well as going above and beyond. We typically tell clients to allow up to 48 hours for changes to be made depending on their scale but are often available much sooner than that.

What technologies do you use that make your websites so great?

This answer depends upon your specific wants and needs for the site but for the typical client we build out sites using Gatsby JS, deployed on Netlify. WordPress is our primary content management system that we build off of for each client.

Why is web design so important to get right?

The average user spends 15 seconds visiting any given website. That's how long you have to capture their attention and make a lasting impression that they'll remember. In short, we help make those 15 seconds count as much as possible. Visit our articles page to find tips on specific design topics that matter.

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