The 5 Second Test: Does Your Website Pass?

First impressions matter.

The 5 second test is an absolute essential part of web design that’s extremely important to your site. A visitor should be able to answer these 3 questions within 5 seconds of the page loading:

  • What is the name of your company?
  • What does your company sell?
  • What value does the company offer to me?

Each of these three components are necessary for a site that concerts it’s readers into customers well. In a world full of shortening attention spans, 5 seconds might be all you get to make an impact. According to Sweor, users take only an average of 2.6 seconds to form their subconcious opinion of a website. After that, you need to fight even harder to get a good conscious opinion of the site.

There’s reasons these three points matter so much:

  • People have short attention spans online and if you’re not keeping up customers will go somewhere else
  • If you don’t get your message across in 5 seconds or less, it likely won’t be heard or remembered.
  • First impressions are the most important. If your website’s first 5 seconds don’t give off a second of professionalism and trust then customers will look somewhere else.

Here’s two good reads about why this is so vital to a website’s success:

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Kenny Schultz


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