How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Branding

How do you measure the effectiveness of a brand?

Here’s a simple answer. By the engagement of your customers, year to year. Are your customers walking out the door with a smile or a blank face? The reality is that you don’t buy brands, you join them. Let’s go through each phase of the Brand Ladder created by Marty Neumeier, author of The Brand Flip.

The Brand Ladder in 4 steps: Satisfaction, Delight, Engagement & Empowerment.


Satisfaction is a really low bar nowadays in business. Hopefully, your customers are at the very least satisfied with their purchase meaning they’re:

  • Willing to repurchase
  • Feel that the transaction was fair
  • Feel like they can start to trust you
  • Have confidence in the transaction
  • Have a sense of closure from the transaction


Delighting your customers is a much more impressive stage of brand engagement if you’re able to pull it off. When you delight a customer, they might say something like “Wow! I didn’t know it’d be this good and I’m definitely going to tell my friends about it.” When your customers are delighted, you’re much more likely to get word-of-mouth business. Here are the benefits of delighting your customer:

  • Surprising the customer by the quality of your product or service
  • Creating a peak experience for the customer
  • The customer will give out social recommendations
  • The customer will be excited
  • The customer will have increased trust in your brand


Not many companies in the world manage to engage their customers. Customers engaged in a brand love the brand and feel a sense of belonging to it. I bet I know the first company that comes to your mind if you had to guess – Apple. Apple fans are fanatics who “belong” to Apple and will automatically purchase whatever 9-lense camera they put out next no matter how much they “didn’t realize they needed it”. Customers who engage with a brand will:

  • Have a sense of belonging
  • Have an emotional attachment to the brand
  • Will automatically repurchase
  • Will stay a loyal customer
  • Will enroll into the brand’s “tribe” (Example: “I’m an Apple kind of guy, not Windows”)


Brands that are able to empower their customers are nearly unstoppable. These brands cause customers to say things like “I don’t know where I’d be without this brand” or “My life wouldn’t be as good without this brand”. Truly, a remarkable goal. A customer who is empowered by a brand will feel that they receive:

  • Personal growth from the brand
  • Emotional support from the brand
  • Business success because of the brand
  • Social status due to having the brand
  • Fulfillment

Is your branding effective? What step of the ladder is your brand on? Could you do better? With some work to your website, social media and marketing collateral, you can take your business to the next step. Reach out to us to get started on the path to empowerment.

Kenny Schultz


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