How To Get Someone’s Attention

How do you get someone’s attention, especially as a business? How do you get them to listen? To read what you have to say? Here’s how in 4 words:

Start with a problem.

People will tune in when you talk about a problem. As human beings we are wired to solve problems with solutions. 

You cannot define the solution to a problem before you define the problem itself.

Let’s imagine a scenario where there’s two electric bike shop owners at a party. 

You ask the first one “What do you do?”. They reply, “I sell electric bikes”.

You ask the same question to the second bike shop owner but he says “People hate sitting in traffic. I sell electric bikes.”

The second business owner is going to get all the business that night.


Everything that you sell is medicine. 

If it’s not solving a problem, nobody wants it.

Why this matters to you:

Your website needs to define the problem before it offers the solution. 

  • Do you sell flowers & baskets because people love to express their emotions through gifts… or do you just sell flowers? 
  • “I build homes.” or “People want to live in beautiful homes that they’ll grow old in. I build homes.”

Kenny Schultz


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