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How To Get Someone’s Attention

How do you get someone’s attention, especially as a business? How do you get them to listen? To read what you have to say? Here’s how in 4 words: Start with a problem. People will tune in when you talk about a problem. As human beings we are wired to solve problems with solutions.  You […]

Why A Website Isn’t Enough in 2020

It’s 2020. You need to be using the internet to your advantage – or you just might get left behind. The internet has crazy, unfathomable levels of potential for business. Faster communication? Awesome. Ability to market to millions of people? Wow. Selling everyday retail items to people across the entire world? Holy cow! Now, we […]

How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Branding

How do you measure the effectiveness of a brand? Here’s a simple answer. By the engagement of your customers, year to year. Are your customers walking out the door with a smile or a blank face? The reality is that you don’t buy brands, you join them. Let’s go through each phase of the Brand […]

The 5 Second Test: Does Your Website Pass?

First impressions matter. The 5 second test is an absolute essential part of web design that’s extremely important to your site. A visitor should be able to answer these 3 questions within 5 seconds of the page loading: What is the name of your company? What does your company sell? What value does the company […]

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