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Get a website you'll be proud of that scores you more leads and traffic through smart design, branding and strategy.

Small businesses need websites that work for them, not against them.

There's a lot of gimmicks out there on how to market your business online. We stick to what's proven to work. We'll guide you through a simple, fun, yet comprehensive process that will let you stop worrying about whether or not your website could be doing better.

Web Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization

Branding & Online Marketting Strategy

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Get a website that helps you grow your business

"My conversions went from 1 per week to 1 per DAY overnight when Kenny launched our new site! Kenny not only created a great site but OPENED MY EYES to so much great info about advertising, which raised the value of his services overall.

Also, he was able to SAVE me money on hosting and other services, which helped keep the costs down to fit my budget without sacrificing quality."

Janis Bautz, Owner of BDI Playhouse Children's Therapy

I was blown away by the system they setup for developing our site. They started with an interview to understand our business, look at our current site, and explained their thoughts of improving upon the website. Once they understood my goals and made suggestions we got to work.

While Chris built and coded the site Kenneth designed and worked with me on content. Through Zoom meetings weekly and emails nearly daily they built our site!

Our company is in a position now where we can adapt to changes quickly with our website. Lift Web Solutions has become an important part to our ability to provide the best customer service that we can!

Nick Janowski, Owner of Tucker’s Doggie Delights

Your website could be your best salesperson

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  3. Watch your business grow

Kenny Schultz

Owner, Web Developer

Determined founder who seeks tangible results. Loves coffee.

Here's what you get

  • A website that...
    • looks and feels like your business.
    • creates more trust with your customers.
    • encourages your audience to take action now.
    • has an effective and clean design for great user experiences.
    • is built with SEO best practices for maximum exposure in your community.
    • is set up to ultimately bring you more leads.
    • will set you up for online success.
  • Consulting on online marketing strategies and best practices to bring in more leads such as social media, linking and content creation.
  • Google analytics implementation that will tell you what customers are interested in and how you're growing.
  • Ongoing support for any key feature we've custom developed to ensure it continues to save you time and money.
  • Fast, secure & reliable hosting & backups.

FAQ's About Our Loma Linda Web Design + Development Services

What makes Lift Web Solutions different from competitors?

We believe there's a lot of extra fluff in the online marketing industry. Many marketing agencies focus on being glamorous and over-the-top in their work for the sake of being "different". Businesses don't need websites that are different - they need websites that work. We stick to what we know is proven to increase traffic, conversion rates and sales in the long-term. We build clean and effective websites for our clients that serve as a long-term vehicle for success within their respective industries.

How much does a website cost? What about custom features?

Our Loma Linda website design process can be in the range of 1-3k and up depending upon the scope and scale of the services being provided. Custom features are also a case-by-case basis because of their complex and specific nature.

How do you get your clients more leads?

We focus on proven SEO and conversion rate optimization methods from the ground up when developing our client's websites. A clean website with thoughtful content is the foundation for successfully increasing your traffic & leads. Once built, Linking to & from other sites + Creating Content are the two most important things going forward. We'll coach you on how to create content for your site to keep it fresh in Google's sights and growing, or you can hire us to do that for you.

Do you charge a monthly fee?

We charge a nominal $40/mo for hosting, updates, health checks & backups for your site. This cost does not include optional monthly retainership fees or our ongoing SEO improvement + content creation packages.

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Kenny Schultz


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